What’s hot – and what’s not – for the construction industry the next 5 years

Construction industry forecaset for the next 5 years

After nearly four years of steep contraction and then two years of flat revenues, the “embers of optimism” are returning for the construction industry in 2014 and beyond – and it goes beyond […]

Lease Lease-Back Construction Delivery Method

The lease lease-back delivery method is the most powerful of all public contract delivery methods. By converting the traditional owner-builder relationship into an owner-developer relationship, your contractor gains substantial authority over their subcontract team. Your contractor can also work […]

ENR Award of Merit for the Anaheim Water Recycling Demonstration Project

This morning ENR presented USS Cal Builders with an Award of Merit for the Anaheim Water Recycling Demonstration Project. We were selected as a winner from numerous submittals throughout the nation. This is a great honor and recognition. Congratulations to […]

Clean Energy Construction projects

Thanks to California voters for passing Prop 39 in November, a total of $550 million in funding will be provided annually for schools to receive clean energy upgrades.SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California voters passed Proposition 39 back in November and now […]