The lease lease-back delivery method is the most powerful of all public contract delivery methods. By converting the traditional owner-builder relationship into an owner-developer relationship, your contractor gains substantial authority over their subcontract team. Your contractor can also work along-side your design team throughout the design process.

Preconstruction work can be completed under a Preliminary Services Agreement and the final lease documents can be signed upon Department of the State Architect (DSA) approval.

Through the preconstruction phase, USS CAL BUILDERS can establish an overall plan for your project, complete with a responsibility matrix and scheduling requirements. By making sure the overall design and construction remains on schedule, USS CAL BUILDERS can help you maintain your overall project budget.

We can select the subcontractors through the bidding process. USS CAL BUILDERS will make sure you are only getting bids from desirable and experienced subcontractors. Once all bids are received, USS CAL BUILDERS will review all of the quotes and recommend a ranked group of subcontractors for each trade. Your LLB entity should share all bidding information in an open-book format and encourage you to provide competitive bidders for the project.

You can use LLB for new construction, modernization or campus improvements. As the lease agreements state, you maintain complete ownership of the property.