Industrial & Commercial Construction services orange county ca

USS Cal Builders. was founded in 1984, and our staff has a combined 100 + years of construction experience. Our company has earned a reputation for delivering on-time customer satisfaction, and working within budgets.

USS Cal Builders Construction  projects range from small to large in order to accommodate client needs. USS Cal Builders Construction has offered full-service general contracting services to the commercial and institutional industries since 1984.  Our projects include medical clinics, public buildings, schools, custom housing, corporate offices, retails, sports fields & aquatics, highways and technical structures.  We are a certified Southern California Local Business Enterprise and Small Business.

The underlying philosophy behind all of our work is that quality execution is of paramount importance.  We are a full service commercial construction and construction management company that focuses on assisting our clients with their objectives and bringing jobs in under budget and on time.  You can also depend upon USS Cal Builders Construction to operate with integrity.

USS Cal Builders Construction is a family owned and operated business, we provide all the services of a large construction company while retaining a high level of flexibility, customer service and responsiveness.  Clients receive personalized attention at all stages of their projects and always have easy access to a representative who is readily aware of all relevant operations and job details.  USS Cal Builders Construction clients enjoy a direct line of communication with our ultimate decision maker, thus ensuring a reliable and easy flow of information and responsive communication.  In that sense, we consider ourselves to be a “small” large contractor.

Over the years, USS Cal Builders Construction has predominately contracted with non-profit agencies and public entities including the following CA counties: Orange County, San Francisco County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County among others.  Further, one of our specialties is our ability to perform and excel under difficult and intricate restrictions.

We are committed to a diverse workforce both within USS Cal Builders Construction and with our various subcontractors as well.   We take great pride in our efforts to mentor and provide opportunities to minority and women-owned firms.  This commitment means that we strive to provide opportunities to minority and women based businesses.  As a result, we actively recruit MBE and WBE subcontractors for each of our projects.